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Electronics development: Customised software and hardware development Electronics development: Customised software and hardware development

From the idea to the solution and the design of the finished product, the development of electronics needs one thing above all: competent support. It doesn't matter whether it's prototypes, complete devices or electronic assemblies, the highest quality must always be ensured. This is what distinguishes customised softw…

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The LED board and its variants The LED board and its variants

An LED board consists of a carrier material equipped with electronic elements and LEDs. In addition, there is a tinned copper surface for the solder connection. The shapes of the boards can be completely different. They can be a cluster, a strip, a ribbon or a square matrix.

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Pushbuttons: How they work and what they are used for Pushbuttons: How they work and what they are used for

Pushbuttons are used, among other things, to establish an electrical connection between a device and a power source on one side or to disconnect this connection and contact - either temporarily or permanently - on the other side.

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mbedded Systems Embedded Systems

So-called embedded systems are, as the name suggests, systems that are embedded in a larger technical context. These are binary-valued digital systems, which in common parlance are usually referred to as computer or computing systems.

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[Translate to Englisch:] Schlüsselschalter Key switch

Key-operated switches or key-operated pushbuttons are electrical switches or pushbuttons that are fitted with a lock. This increases operating safety, as the switching operation can only be activated by persons carrying the corresponding key. In this way, different hierarchy levels can be implemented in the machine and…

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Push buttons and switches Key switches and switches

RAFI pushbuttons and key switches are ideal for use in the mechanical engineering, signal construction and measurement and control technology sectors. They are robust against environmental influences and compact - with integrated connections. The series are designed as monobloc switches, i.e. the actuator and switching…

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