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Laudator Dr. Sönke Voss, RAFI-Ausbildungsleiterin Jana Brielmayer und Dr. Lothar Seybold, CEO von RAFI, bei der Preisverleihung für den besten Ausbildungsbetrieb der Region Award-winning: Dual training

RAFI has been honored with the Dual Training Award (“Förderpreis Duale Ausbildung”) by the District of Ravensburg on June 28 for its achievements as a training company.

Dr. Lothar Seybold, CEO of RAFI, and Jana Brielmayer, RAFI’s head of training, were presented with the official certificate by District Administrator …

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RAFI acquires Xymox Technologies Inc.

To strengthen its market presence in the USA and accelerate its global growth strategy, RAFI Group acquired the U.S. company, Xymox Technologies, based in Milwaukee, WI.

Xymox Technologies, Inc. has over 40 years of experience developing and manufacturing capacitive sensors and membrane switches of the highest quality…

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Spatenstich für das RAFI-Werk in Bad Waldsee New RAFI factory in Bad Waldsee

With a symbolic ground-breaking ceremony on May 2, the start of construction of the new RAFI factory in Bad Waldsee was celebrated. After a welcoming speech by RAFI CFO Lothar Arnold and an address by Andreas Reisch, Managing Director of the construction company, presiding mayor Matthias Henne underlined the importance…

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Electronics development: Customised software and hardware development Electronics development: Customised software and hardware development

From the idea to the solution and the design of the finished product, the development of electronics needs one thing above all: competent support. It doesn't matter whether it's prototypes, complete devices or electronic assemblies, the highest quality must always be ensured. This is what distinguishes customised softw…

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The LED board and its variants The LED board and its variants

An LED board consists of a carrier material equipped with electronic elements and LEDs. In addition, there is a tinned copper surface for the solder connection. The shapes of the boards can be completely different. They can be a cluster, a strip, a ribbon or a square matrix.

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Pushbuttons: How they work and what they are used for Pushbuttons: How they work and what they are used for

Pushbuttons are used, among other things, to establish an electrical connection between a device and a power source on one side or to disconnect this connection and contact - either temporarily or permanently - on the other side.

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