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RAFI Systec

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Our specialists at RAFI Systec GmbH & Co. KG in Bad Waldsee - in the areas of HMI and EMS.

RAFI Systec GmbH & Co. KG. was founded in 2005 and is based in Bad Waldsee. The site in Upper Swabia is currently being expanded and currently employs 31 people. By 2025, eight times as many people are expected to be working for the RAFI Group here: The new building will include a 10,000 m2 production and logistics area as well as a state-of-the-art training and further education center. Technical professions in particular will receive practical training here in the future.

At the same time as moving into the new building, RAFI Systec's sales and development departments will move to the headquarters in Berg. This will create more space for plastic injection moulding and toolmaking - the two areas in which the site will mainly specialize.

RAFI Systec
RAFI Systec - HMI & EMS


Founded: 2005
Location: Bad Waldsee, Germany
Employees: 31
Areas of expertise: HMI solutions for various industries

RAFI Systec, Bad Waldsee
RAFI Systec, Bad Waldsee

Why RAFI Systec?

RAFI Systec applies its many years of experience to the efficient, cost-effective development and production of small and medium-scale HMI and EMS projects for a wide range of industries.


Hans-Jürgen Röhrnböck

Sales Department

RAFI Systec GmbH & Co. KG
88339 Bad Waldsee

T +49 7524 9728-1510