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Valtra Armrest and RAFI

Valtra Armrest

Finnish idea. German engineering skill.
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The tractor manufacturer VALTRA received the Red Dot Design Award 2017 for its SmartTouch armrest. RAFI developed the armrest together with the Finnish company, and now produces it for VALTRA. It is a core feature of VALTRA’s new S series tractors.


  • Customer: VALTRA
  • Product: Smarttouch armrest high-end tractors
  • Industry: Vehicles
  • Function: Intuitive vehicle control
Valtra armrest
SCOPE OF service


For Valtra we took care of the entire product development, tool construction, process engineering, and production of the new armrest.

  • Joint product development in compliance with the safety requirements of ISO 25119 AgPL C

  • Tool design: ergonomic armrest, multifunction drive lever, keycaps

  • Parts design and manufacturing: ergonomic armrest, multifunction drive lever, touchscreen terminal, pushbutton control pad

  • Manufacturing scope: complete production

  • 100% functional testing, operating-life, qualification, and requalification tests, approval, labeling

  • Logistics: transport, optimized spare parts concept

The new S Series from Valtra
The new S Series from Valtra
At home on the field
The new S Series from Valtra
The new S Series from Valtra
  • Sustainably manufactured products with intuitive control
  • Ergonomic design – user-friendly and comfortable
  • Long-life, reliable products thanks to excellent design
  • Touchscreens produced in-house – Made in Germany
  • Complete project management over the entire process chain and support from specialists with experience in your industry
  • Development, production, and logistics from one source
  • Qualification testing at RAFI
  • Exceptional degree of in-house production and secure spare parts supply
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