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Signal lamps and control box

With new types of its outdoor-capable E-BOX control units and TILTED DIAMOND+ signal lamps, RAFI now offers two innovative product families for the IO-Link interface. As a control box with an IO-Link interface, the E-BOX IO-LINK makes it possible to integrate switches and key switches for simple control tasks in any field bus. The slimline, rugged units feature IP65 degree of protection. The M12 terminal means even untrained personnel can quickly install them and put them into operation.


Rugged signal lamp with stainless steel collar and red/green LED

RAFI is expanding its rugged RAFIX 22 FSR control component range with a signal lamp featuring a stainless steel collar with IP65, IP67 and IP69 degree of protection to the front side. The integrated red/green LED can indicate three signal statuses. The translucent indicator is a neutral white in standby mode, green indicates regular operating condition, and red signals faults.

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[Translate to Englisch:] Neue High-End-ECU für Touchscreens New High-End ECU for Touchscreens

RAFI uses its own standard ECUs in customer-specific touchscreens and control panels. This has allowed us to quickly realize a large number of projects for industry, agricultural and construction machinery, or medical technology to date, while saving resources. RAFI develops and produces the ECUs and touchscreens inclu…

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[Translate to Englisch:] Kundenspezifische OEM-Joysticks Customized OEM joysticks

With its JOYSCAPE joystick platform and extensive add-on options, RAFI is able to implement custom control solutions for any application purpose and with optimum ergonomics for the job. Four differently dimensioned platform modules cover all use cases in various industries such as mechanical engineering, medical techno…

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mbedded Systems Embedded Systems

So-called embedded systems are, as the name suggests, systems that are embedded in a larger technical context. These are binary-valued digital systems, which in common parlance are usually referred to as computer or computing systems.

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[Translate to Englisch:] Schlüsselschalter Key switch

Key-operated switches or key-operated pushbuttons are electrical switches or pushbuttons that are fitted with a lock. This increases operating safety, as the switching operation can only be activated by persons carrying the corresponding key. In this way, different hierarchy levels can be implemented in the machine and…

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Push buttons and switches Pushbuttons and switches

RAFI pushbuttons and switches are ideal for use in the mechanical engineering, signal construction and measurement and control technology sectors. They are robust against environmental influences and compact - with integrated connections. The series are designed as monobloc switches, i.e. the actuator and switching ele…

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