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Three decades of success

RAFI Hungaria turns 30

On the occasion of its 30th anniversary this year, RAFI Hungaria Kft. looks back on three decades of success. In 1991, RAFI founded RAFI-BBP in Mezőtúr, Hungary, to expand its assembly capacities for electromechanical operating elements.


BeeWaTec exclusive partner

In October, RAFI and BeeWaTec agreed on a partnership for the sale of RAFI’s innovative KIS.ME communication and process control system. BeeWaTec is a solution provider for lean manufacturing, agile production and Industry 4.0. In the future, its customers will be able to directly order all KIS.ME hardware components and services, including application-specific system configuration, from BeeWaTec.

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 RAMO control components in floor cleaners RAMO control components

During the typical working day of a floor cleaner, the control technology must be able to withstand a good deal of wear and tear and, in addition to mechanical stress, must also withstand many a rustic actuation. That’s why Dr. Gansow Gmatic AG uses robust, easy-to-install switches from the RAFI RAMO 22 series as the c…

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[Translate to Englisch:] RAFI auf der SPS 2021 RAFI at the SPS 2021

At the SPS 2021, RAFI will be represented in Hall 4A at Stand 512. The company will present new haptic FLEXSCAPE operating elements for its GLASSCAPE touch technology as well as the current IO-Link versions of its E-BOX control components and TILTED DIAMOND+ signal lamps. Visitors will also be able to see KIS.ME, RAFI’…

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[Translate to Englisch:] Leuchtdrucktaster RAMO 22T mit metallisiertem Frontring RAMO 22 T illuminated pushbutton

Just like all the control components from the RAMO range from RAFI, the illuminated pushbuttons in the RAMO T series are available for mounting hole diameters of 22.3 mm or 30.3 mm. While the RAMO 30 T comes as a standard with stainless steel bezel, RAFI now supplies the slimmer RAMO 22 T models not only in the classic…

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Electronics development: Customised software and hardware development Electronics development: Customised software and hardware development

From the idea to the solution and the design of the finished product, the development of electronics needs one thing above all: competent support. It doesn't matter whether it's prototypes, complete devices or electronic assemblies, the highest quality must always be ensured. This is what distinguishes customised softw…

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The LED board and its variants The LED board and its variants

An LED board consists of a carrier material equipped with electronic elements and LEDs. In addition, there is a tinned copper surface for the solder connection. The shapes of the boards can be completely different. They can be a cluster, a strip, a ribbon or a square matrix.

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Pushbuttons: How they work and what they are used for Pushbuttons: How they work and what they are used for

Pushbuttons are used, among other things, to establish an electrical connection between a device and a power source on one side or to disconnect this connection and contact - either temporarily or permanently - on the other side.

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