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Award-winning: Dual training

Best training company in the region
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RAFI has been honored with the Dual Training Award (“Förderpreis Duale Ausbildung”) by the District of Ravensburg on June 28 for its achievements as a training company.

Dr. Lothar Seybold, CEO of RAFI, and Jana Brielmayer, RAFI’s head of training, were presented with the official certificate by District Administrator Harald Sievers at an award ceremony in the Knights’ Hall at Achberg Castle. The award, which entered its third year in 2023, honors outstanding graduates and companies with roots in the region that show a strong commitment to helping their junior staff attain professional skills and qualifications.

At the award ceremony, the jury of representatives from the Lake Constance-Upper Swabia Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the Ulm Chamber of Crafts, the Ravensburg District Chamber of Crafts and Trades, the District of Ravensburg, and the District Vocational Training Schools highlighted RAFI’s diverse range of training programs as an important contribution to promoting the next generation of skilled workers and the region’s economic development.

Special recognition was given to the fact that RAFI offers vocational training to school-leavers at all educational levels and opens up career prospects for its trainees through high-quality training as well as various qualifications and professional development opportunities.

RAFI currently provides training in 14 occupational fields as well as seven dual-study programs at its German locations in Berg and Überlingen. In 2022, the company trained 30 apprentices as well as 15 dual students and two practice-oriented working students at both operating sites. This year, RAFI is also the first company in the region to participate in the nationwide “Learn Skills” training campaign organized by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce.


Image: Laudator Dr. Sönke Voss, Managing Director of the Lake Constance-Upper Swabia Chamber of Industry and Commerce, RAFI Training Manager Jana Brielmayer, and Dr. Lothar Seybold, CEO of RAFI (from right) at the award ceremony for the best training company in the region