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Tactile switch
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The tactile switches of the MICON 5 series are now available in the MICON 5 SAFETY version with a two-channel contact system. With a footprint of only 5.1 x 6.4 mm and a height of 3.85 mm, the switches have the same dimensions as MICON 5, but integrate two isolated NC and NO contacts.

The tactile switches thus enable a particularly economical and space-saving design in applications developed in accordance with functional safety standards such as DIN EN IEC 61508 (basic functional safety standard), DIN EN ISO 13849 (safety-related parts of control systems), DIN EN IEC 62061 (safety of control systems), DIN EN IEC 60601 (electrical medical devices), DIN EN ISO 25119 (control systems for agriculture and forestry), DIN EN 50128 (railroad applications) or ISO 26262 (road vehicles).

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Thanks to an optimized sealing system, MICON 5 SAFETY achieves protection class IP54 or IPx7 and, with a temperature resistance of -40 °C to +125 °C, meets current requirements of the automotive industry. The tactie switches have an SMT connection for PCB assembly and are suitable for potting, painting and nanocoating.

Like the standard versions, MICON 5 SAFETY features a switch-safe gold contact system, excellent tactility and a long service life: Depending on the design, the tactile switches, which are available for a choice of actuating forces, guarantee up to one million switching cycles.

Due to the identical dimensions, the extensive MICON 5 accessory program of plungers and keycaps is also available without restriction for MICON 5 SAFETY.