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RAFI at the SPS 2021

Simple digitalization of unconnected work areas
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At the SPS 2021, RAFI will be represented in Hall 4A at Stand 512. The company will present new haptic FLEXSCAPE operating elements for its GLASSCAPE touch technology as well as the current IO-Link versions of its E-BOX control components and TILTED DIAMOND+ signal lamps. Visitors will also be able to see KIS.ME, RAFI’s innovative communication and process control system. This smart Plug&Play solution enables easy digitalization of previously unconnected work, logistics, and production areas. Another focus of RAFI in Nuremberg is the presentation of its comprehensive E²MS expertise, which has made the company one of Germany’s leading contract producers of electronics products.

KIS.ME: Keep it simple. Manage everything.

The KIS.ME digitalization solution offers an extremely simple way of integrating transparent signal processes into non-digitalized production and logistics applications. Where previously phone calls, emails or even a walk to the remote location were necessary, KIS.ME signals events and statuses at the press of a button or via transmitted sensor data. KIS.ME also enables uncomplicated connection to the overall control system of manual workplaces, remote delivery zones, collection points, and older machines. The solution is based on WLAN-capable control boxes and RGB signal lamps which are networked via the KIS.MANAGER web platform. They are configured to the specific application in each case using simple logical rules. For automated capture of states or events, the KIS hardware components each have four I/O terminals which can be directly connected to sensors or machine or plant control signals. The input signals, processed according to customer-specific rules, optionally control the colors of the signal lamps, switch the digital outputs of the control boxes, or trigger email notifications. Furthermore, the central data storage in KIS.MANAGER enables the capture of trends or unusual incidents, delivering an important basis for dynamic process optimization. At, RAFI provides comprehensive information about the system structure and the versatile features KIS.ME offers for data collection and analysis of previously unconnected logistics and production processes.

E-BOX and TILTED DIAMOND+ now also with IO-LINK

Also included in the innovations on show will be new types of the outdoor-capable E-BOX control units and TILTED DIAMOND+ signal lamps for the IO-Link interface. The E-BOX IO-LINK is the first control box that makes it possible to integrate key switches with RGB illumination in field bus systems via an IO-link interface. The slimline units feature IP65 degree of protection. The M12 terminal means even untrained personnel can quickly install them and put them into operation. The same applies to the IO-Link versions of the TILTED DIAMOND+ signal lamps. Apart from freely configurable illumination intensities and colors, the IO-LINK comes with further options. It can signal application-specific alarms or machine statuses with eight different flashing modes.

Visit RAFI at the SPS 2021 in Hall 4A, Stand 512.

RAFI at the SPS 2021