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RAFI employees donate prize money

Donation to children's hospice
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As part of its innovation process, RAFI awards an annual prize for the best innovation within the company. Markus Riedesser, Manuel Högg and Dominik Stolz were honored as Innovators of the Year in 2022. The three award-winners received this honor for the development of a new button and input system for commercial vehicles adapted to very harsh environmental conditions.

The prize money is traditionally donated to a charitable organization selected by the winners and this year will benefit the St. Nikolaus children’s hospice in Bad Grönenbach. This charitable institution for the support of terminally ill children houses therapy and creative rooms, a therapeutic and exercise pool, and offers space for eight families.


Die drei Gewinner des RAFI-Innovationspreises 2022

The three winners of the RAFI Innovation Award 2022 (from right):

Markus Riedesser
Manuel Högg
Dominik Stolz
CEO Dr. Lothar Seybold (left)