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 RAMO control components in floor cleaners

RAMO control components

floor cleaners
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During the typical working day of a floor cleaner, the control technology must be able to withstand a good deal of wear and tear and, in addition to mechanical stress, must also withstand many a rustic actuation. That’s why Dr. Gansow Gmatic AG uses robust, easy-to-install switches from the RAFI RAMO 22 series as the control units in its high-quality Gmatic and Rotan scrubber dryers.

The actuators, sized for an installation opening with a diameter of 22.3 mm, are very easy to install and connect. As standalone solutions in the completely enclosed mono-housing, they achieve a high degree of protection up to max. IP69 without the need for further seals.

RAMO control components in floor cleaners

Thanks to direct wiring via M12 terminals, no time-consuming individual wiring is required. Correct connection is possible without specialist knowledge of electrical engineering. Service and maintenance work is also reduced, because the connections can be easily disconnected and reconnected as required. Switching states and settings are indicated clearly by signal lamps, illuminated switches and twist grip labels. The energy-efficient LED technology is robust and lasts for the lifetime of the machine.