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Signal lamps and control box

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With new types of its outdoor-capable E-BOX control units and TILTED DIAMOND+ signal lamps, RAFI now offers two innovative product families for the IO-Link interface. As a control box with an IO-Link interface, the E-BOX IO-LINK makes it possible to integrate switches and key switches for simple control tasks in any field bus. The slimline, rugged units feature IP65 degree of protection. The M12 terminal means even untrained personnel can quickly install them and put them into operation.

The IO-Link device identification prevents errors because incorrectly installed devices are reported to the control unit. The IO-Link Master automatically transfers saved parameters to replacement devices. Thanks to integrated tactile switches from the MICON 5 series, the illuminated pushbuttons of the E-BOX provide excellent tactile feedback.

They can be customized via IO-Link with a large range of functions to suit the application. Included among the options are night mode with various brightness levels, the flexible choice of white, red, green, blue, and yellow illumination, or three RGB colors that can be selected by the customer. Furthermore, the buttons can be configured with four different flashing modes for different application cases. RAFI supplies the E-BOX IO-LINK equipped ready for commissioning with one or two switching or indicator elements from the RAFIX 22 FS+ series.

For individual marking of the control components, printed or unprinted FLEXLAB labelling sheets are available. With their compact dimensions of 123.2 mm x 40 mm x 35.6 mm, the control units are ideal for assembly on 40 mm profile rails on production lines or safety fences. The accessories include a fixing clip that can be attached to profile rail grooves and other mounting surfaces. The E-BOX simply snaps onto the clip.

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RAFI has also released an IO-LINK version of its RGB-LED signal lamp from the TILTED DIAMOND+ series. Thanks to its M12 terminal and IO-Link parameterization, it is also fast and easy to install. Apart from freely configurable night settings and illumination colors, the TILTED DIAMONDIO-LINK comes with further options.

It can signal application-specific alarms or machine statuses with eight different flashing modes such as single flashes, continuous flashing, or pulsating light. What distinguishes the signal lamps are exceptional brightness, vibration resistance with IP66 degree of protection, no need for maintenance, and the striking dome-shaped bezel design.

The diamond-shaped lenses arrayed all round give the bezels excellent illumination, clear signal colors, and top visibility over large distances. The accessories available include support tubes in various lengths and shapes and a mounting base.


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